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School Rules

School Rules


Our school rules are designed to help our students cultivate a set of positive behaviours that will empower them to learn in a safe, constructive and meaningful environment. The school is committed to work with parents in ensuring that the school rules are observed by all students for the benefit of everyone. Parents are encouraged to contact the school (Tel: 6583 1387 Ext ’0’) if they have any doubts or need to report any cases to the school.

Meridian Secondary School’s Discipline Framework covers the following basic philosophy and approach for developing good discipline in students:

  • The goal of discipline is to teach students how to develop self-discipline
  • Discipline is a learning process to develop students’ thinking and moral faculties
  • A whole-school, multi-faceted approach is required

A key strategy for developing good discipline is to build our students’ social and emotional competencies by:

  • Creating a supportive environment
  • Teaching values and social emotional skills
  • Providing opportunities for students to exercise good behavior
  • Guiding and re-orientating students who have erred in their behavior


1.1. Attendance and bearing

  • Students must be punctual for school. Students are to be seated at the stipulated reporting venue at the stipulated time.
School Day Reporting Venue Reporting Time
Mondays and Fridays Parade Square 7.30 am
Tuesdays and Thursdays Classroom 7.30 am
Wednesdays Hall 8.30 am
  • STUDENTs are to wear the prescribed school uniform and ANY modification to the uniform is not allowed.
  • Students who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.
  • Students must sing the school song with pride.
  • Parents will be informed of the curriculum time, study time and CCA schedule for their children.
    School will serve separate notices to parents if there are special events that require the participation of their children. If in doubt, parents are encouraged to contact the school for information.
  • Students must observe punctuality at all times for all school-related activities during curriculum and after curriculum hours.
  • The school general office will be closed on Saturday and Sunday. However, some school activities may be arranged on Saturdays, in which case, parents will be notified

1.2. Attendance

  • If a student is unable to attend school because he/she is unwell, parents are advised to inform the form teacher or general office (Tel: 6583 1387 Ext ’0’) before 7.25 am (before 8.25 am on Wednesdays). The absence must be supported by official documents i.e medical certificate only from MOH-registered clinics or a parents’ letter (maximum of two per term) which must handed over to the form teacher the following school day.
  • Students who are absent from school without valid reasons will serve two hours of detention on the following school day.
  • Parents of students with persistent absenteeism will be invited to school to meet up with the Year Head, Discipline Master and School Leaders.
  • Students who are absent without valid reason more than 5 times per semester will be awarded a FAIR conduct grade.
  • Parents will be informed via school SMS system by 8.30 am (9.30 am on Wednesdays) if their child is late or absent from school for the day.

1.3  Punctuality 

  • Students who report to school after 30 am (after 8.30 am on Wednesdays) are considered as late. The following disciplinary actions will be given out to latecomers:
Number of Offence Disciplinary Action
1st Offence
  • Student will be advised by their form teachers to be punctual.
  • Name will be recorded and no further action taken.
2nd Offence
  • Student will be counselled by the discipline committee.
  • Name will be recorded and no further action taken.
3rd Offence or more
  • Student will serve 2 hours of detention/school improvement work.
  • Parents of students with persistent late-coming will be invited to school to meet up with the Year Head, Discipline Master and school leaders.
  • Students who report after 8.30 am (after 9.30 am on Wednesdays) without a valid reason (must be supported by official documents such as medical certificate) may be placed in the Reflection Room to catch up on missed lessons.

1.4 School Security and Security Personnel

  • To ensure the safety and security of our staff and students, the security personnel will check and monitor all visitors to the school at the guard post.
  • All visitors (including parents & school suppliers) will have to register and exchange for a pass at the security post situated at the main entrance and state the purpose of their visit.
  • Students may also be subjected to checks when they enter / leave the school to ensure the safety of others in the school. Students not in proper school attire, hairstyle or hair colour will not be allowed to enter the school premise.
  • All students must be in school attire when reporting and leaving school.


2.1 Movement in School during Curriculum Time

  • Students are to move in twos and as a unit when they move from Point A to Point B during curriculum hours. They will be accompanied by a teacher-in-charge and an appointed class representative.
  • Students are expected to move briskly and quietly to the next venue without causing disturbance to others.
  • Students are encouraged to visit the toilets before flag raising ceremony, during recess and after school hours. During lesson time (including change-of-period), students are only allowed to visit the toilet with a permission pass which can be obtained from their teachers.
  • At any one time, only one boy from each class will be permitted to visit the toilet. Girls will be permitted to visit the toilet in pairs.
  • Students are NOT permitted to leave their class during lesson time without a permission pass. Offenders may be subjected to disciplinary action.
  • Staff toilets are OUT OF BOUNDS to all students. Students can only enter special rooms with the supervision of a teacher.

2.2 Conduct in Classroom during Curriculum Time

  • Students are to stand up and greet their teachers before the commencement of lesson and at the end of lesson.
  • Students should participate actively during lesson and they should always have their books and relevant materials ready.
  • Students are to behave in a respectful and orderly manner when lesson is ongoing. Students who display disruptive behaviours will be subjected to disciplinary action.
  • Students are to keep their classrooms clean and tidy at all times.
  • Students are not allowed to eat in the classroom.
  • Students are not allowed to leave the classroom without displaying the permission pass.
  • Students are not permitted to stay in their classrooms during recess time unless accompanied by a teacher.
  • Students must not leave any book behind in the classrooms after school dismissal unless permitted by a teacher.

2.3 Conduct in Canteen

  • Students must be considerate and observe good table manners at all times. They should refrain from speaking loudly or engage in physical activity when consuming their food.
  • Students are to clear their crockery and utensils after their meals and do their part to keep the canteen clean by not littering.
  • Students must queue up to buy food.
  • Food and drinks are to be consumed only in the canteen
  • Students are not allowed to purchase or consume food during lesson time.
  • Students can only engage in sports-related activities only at designated areas such as ISH, football field and street soccer court.

2.4 School Uniform

 (Modification to the prescribed school uniform is strictly NOT allowed)

School Rules Supporting Image 01

2.5 Hairstyle for Girls

  • Girls’ hair should be neat and well-kept. Girls with shoulder-length hair or hair touching the collar must tie up their hair at all times. Long fringes must be clipped up so that they do not touch the eye-brows.
  • Girls with long hair should have their hair tied up in a ponytail or simple plaits. No multi-numbered plaits or fanciful hairstyles are allowed
  • Hair accessories should be black or dark brown in colour. Caps are not to be worn inside the school compound.
  • Girls with hairstyles that do not meet the school’s expectations will be given a warning and a day to get their hair cut. If their hairstyle still does not meet the school’s expectations, they will be sent out of school to have their hair cut. Parents will be informed by phone or letter.
  • No dyeing of hair is allowed. Girls with dyed hair will be asked to leave the school immediately to dye their hair black and parents will be informed by phone call or letter.

2.6 Shoes and Socks

  • Students should wear only white canvas shoes or sports shoes (70% white) and plain white socks clearly seen above the ankles. High-cut shoes are not allowed.
  • Students with improper shoes will be given a warning and form teachers will inform parents. Should they repeat the offence, they will be sent home to change to an acceptable pair of school shoes.
  • Students are not allowed to wear slippers or sandals to school at any time. For students with foot problems, permission must be obtained from the Discipline Committee and an Attire Pass will be issued.


  • PE attire must be worn for PE lessons and during sports and games.
  • All students must report to school in their school uniform. Students can only change into their P.E. attire for PE lessons. Students must change back into proper school uniforms during recess.

2.8 Make-up, Finger-nails, Rings, Bangles and Chains

  • Students are forbidden to wear make-up, apply mascara or eyeliner (celak).
  • Fingernails must be kept short, clean and unvarnished.
  • Students are not allowed to wear any form of jewellery. Only girls are allowed to wear one pair of pin-sized earrings, with one earring on each ear at the bottom of the lobe (small simple gold/silver/black earrings of the same design only).
  • No ear sticks, tongue studs, bracelets, rings, necklaces, chains, brooches, waistbands or pouches are to be worn with the school uniform.

2.9 Dark or Tinted Glasses and contact lenses

  • Students are not permitted to wear dark or tinted glasses unless certified by a doctor or ophthalmologist.
  • Fashionable frames with fanciful colours and coloured contact lenses are not allowed.


3.1 Handphones and Electronic Devices

  • Handphone and other electronic devices are not to be used during formal school activities (including study time and CCA)
  • Students must be responsible for their own belongings and the school will not be held liable for any loss.
  • Students are to switch off their mobile phones during curriculum time, unless specified by teachers for learning purposes. The no-usage rule applies during free or relief period.
  • Charging of mobile phone is not allowed in the school premises at all times.
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