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Preparing your child for a new school year

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Updates from Engagement & Research Division – Preparing your child for a new school year



Season’s greetings! Holidays and festivities aside, December is also the time when parents start to prepare their children for a new school year.   Besides getting books and uniforms ready for use, it is also important that we help our children face the new year with confidence.  In this issue, we share some tips and resources on how you can help your children to develop confidence.


Spend some quality time during the last few weeks of the holidays to get to know your children better through good conversations. There are tips on conversation starters that you can refer to as well.


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      In this issue, you will find:

·       Confidence Resource Package

·       Tips on Practising Gratitude and Giving Praise

·       Tips on Starting Conversations with Your Children

·       Survey to help us improve ‘Updates from Engagement and Research Division’

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We want our children to be confident and have a positive mindset so that they can take on new challenges and overcome obstacles bravely to achieve their goals. However, when we see our children facing a difficult situation, we may sometimes be torn between actively supporting them and taking a step back to let them learn from the experience of figuring out the solution on their own. Mrs Sher-Li Torrey, Founder and Director of Mums@Work, believes that children benefit when parents allow their children to experience setbacks early in life and learn not be afraid of failure. More on her views can be found here.


MOE has also developed the Confident Resource Package that provides tips and resources to support you in guiding your children to grow up to become confident persons. To download the package, click here.


Practising gratitude and giving praise are some ways that you can do to develop confidence and a positive mindset in their children.


Gratitude is more than a feeling – it is something we practise and there are many benefits from practising it, as shown in this video. Take some time to try any of the 5 simple things that parents can do to practice gratitude with their children! Click here to download the infographic.


Research also shows that praising our children could help to increase their confidence, motivation and engagement in learning. However, inappropriate or excessive praise may be detrimental to their self-esteem, create pressure or hinder their growth. If you would like to know the right way to praise your child and do it well, click on this link!


Take some time during the last weeks of the holidays to get to know your children better through having good conversations. Centre for Fathering (CFF) and Dads For Life (DfL) suggest including a positive phrase in your question or suggestion when talking to your children.  This will encourage them to respond in a way that could help you better understand how they think and feel. Examples of positive phrases are:


Try these tips the next time you engage in a conversation with your children – you will get to know your children better and strengthen your parent-child bond.

To find out about other Fathering programs and resources, you can visit the website at or



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